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Rupert is Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and a NUJ (National Union of Journalists) accredited Photographer, coming from a varied training in HND in Print Design and a MA in Graphic Design, both of which he incorporated his passion of photography, between 1995 – 1997 Rupert was working for Disney and Arco Chemical as clients when he was a freelance designer in Hong Kong and for the Discovery Channel in Australia, where he filmed the crossing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by a horse drawn carriage which involved closing off part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Upon his return to the Uk in 2007 upon his arrival in London He became a creative at Apple while also photographing gigs with Caffy St Luce of Rocklands and Heather Minx Ferguson of Minx Media TV, which looks after many talented up-and-coming musicians. This led him to be asked to cover “This Feeling” where his photo of Shaun Ryder [formerly of the Happy Mondays] and Brother was published in the Sun newspaper. Rupert has photographed acts such as Mark Morris of The Bluetones, Jon Fratelli, of The Fratellis, Molly McQueen and The View, who have performed at This Feeling. His photos can be viewed at and Naz Promotions who are behind Fearless Vampire Killers. For the past couple of years Rupert has also covered the local community events such as Brockley Max, Camden Crawl for Getty images and Joyzine and Lewisham People’s Day and the prestigious CMJ Event at The Hit Factory for Gibson in their head quarters in New York City, while there also covering other various gigs and shooting for the publication Music Live. Rupert has also been asked by CNN to do iReports and recently was published with his photos of the Tour De France London Stage; he has been accepted and is photographing for Getty images as a contributor. He has had his photos of Adam Ant Chosen for Adam Ants private collection, as well as working on the Zine Publications PhotoZine and The Zine covering the underground Music scene in London. Rupert has gone onto shoot for 9PR.

Hit the ground running

Been ages since I wrote anything here so I thought I better write something. I have cleared all my old posts they seemed so irrelevant compared to my life now.

A lot has been going on loads of shoots, covered the iPad lunch for Apple and will be covering the iPhone 4 launch as well, all very exciting stuff mind you the 29 hour day I did for the iPad launch was a killer but worth it.

Been shooting loads for Anita Maj and Reverso, Anita kindly introduced me to Juju and Nes aka Little Fish, and I hot their gig on the eve of them joining blondie on her Uk tour

After my winning entry in the science so what, so everything competition, I had a call from NTV Japan last night wanting to do a full video interview they said it would take 4 hours, that sounds pretty full to me, and they will do a mini drama on my medical condition which is hydrocephalus the asbah website is a great place for resources.