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RPS Licentiate Submission Gallery

These are the Photographs I submitted for my RPS Licentiate, of which was successful.
The collection comprises of street and music shots mainly taken in and around London, except for Model Mayhem, take on the streets of New York City.

I’m now LRPS

Im now Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society after submitting my work, they liked it, which is kind of cool, I think anyway.

Royal Photographic Licentiate
I have been awarded Licentiate by the Royal Photographic Society

Respect for Artists

Last night I found it quite appalling how we treat our Musicians in this country for the second time in a row, patrons talked loudly over the artists on stage, if you want to go out to just talk go to the pub. In the states people respect their artists, one artist on stage started saying anything she wanted no one took the blindest bit of notice I went up and spoke to her afterwards and she was used to it over here.

Last time one artist yelled shut up at these two women shouting loudly next to the stage, several of us joined in and they moved. it’s not rite!

Trouble is though it’s the same with any art form, people just think it’s theirs just to take, it’s like photography, respect for the craft and skill has all but completely dissipated, my mentor summed it up.
” Lots of people take great shots, but they have no idea why or how, when they true to recreate it they don’t understand why they can not do it “

New York on Film 2013

Manhattan BridgeUrban ScrawlChina TownMorning shadowsHung out to dryNew York013
New York023New York028New York029Dirty LaundryUnion Square MarketNew York035
Morning RunKung Fu Chess MasterWorld Trade 1New York013Game of KingsSunday Morning Avenue
Grand Central StationModel MayhemUrban JungleNew York025New York017New York019

New York on Film 2013, a set on Flickr.

Went to New York for 10 days getting back on the 26th.
These are some of the photos I shot using my film Camera’s, the Rolleiflex 2.8c and the Minolta XD7, I used Kodak Tri – X 400 film