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Camden Rocks Festival 2016

Great time at Camden Rocks Festival 2016, saw Cold in Berlin, The Carnabies, Restless Love, Carl Barat, Moses, Billy Brag there was some great Music, Restless Love were surprisingly good, look like they have come straight out of the eighties, reminded me of David lee Roth, great fun. Billy Brag was surprisingly funny, although there was one heckler going on about his original stuff all very dull.

Camden Rocks Festival

Starting at the top of Camden Lock and working my way down I set about covering as many bands as I could stopping off at Dingwalls to capture Fearless Vampire Killers, this was a bit of a mission to capture them as I wanted to add to my story with the 60 over 6, after they used my photo of them at Koko on their twitter feed for quite some time also play was JAWS followed by Vodun on Inverness Street then onto the Monach for Death the The Electric Ballroom for an great performance from Polar then onto the Purple Turtle for Kagoule.