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New York on Film 2013

Manhattan BridgeUrban ScrawlChina TownMorning shadowsHung out to dryNew York013
New York023New York028New York029Dirty LaundryUnion Square MarketNew York035
Morning RunKung Fu Chess MasterWorld Trade 1New York013Game of KingsSunday Morning Avenue
Grand Central StationModel MayhemUrban JungleNew York025New York017New York019

New York on Film 2013, a set on Flickr.

Went to New York for 10 days getting back on the 26th.
These are some of the photos I shot using my film Camera’s, the Rolleiflex 2.8c and the Minolta XD7, I used Kodak Tri – X 400 film


A friend had recommended I get a Rollieflex I had seen in a camera store it looked in very good condition, well while I was with him, I called them up and reserved the camera it came with the 35mm adaptor kit as well and for a bargain price.

Well we went out and took some shots and I went out on my own and experimented, it’s very different to anything I have used before. My first SLR was my dads Minolta XD7 when I was 12, my evil step mother stole it a few years ago and since then I had been on a quest to get one well I managed to track one down a few months ago and got it, so my analogue camera collection is complete A Minolta XD7, Bronica EPRS, Rolleiflex TLR.

Well these are my first pics taken with the Rolleiflex, I have a lot to get used too, but it’s very worth it, as the Vivian Mair illustrates, I would love to be this good. Here’s some of her work

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