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The Featherz Prints now available

My photos of the Featherz are now available through their Bandcamp page. Prices start at £2 for a 6×7 photo going up to Posters on request. Photos are taken Barfly , Dublin Castle and other iconic venues around London.

Here’s a bit about The Featherz.

The Featherz (formerly The Feathers) are a Welsh/English band with glam and punk influences (self-styled as “Flock Rock”) led by Danie Cox on lead vocals and guitar. Danie formed the band with two fellow former members of Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse, a band fronted by Georgina Baillie and mentored by Adam Ant. After leaving Baillie and Ant to form their own group, they received press coverage in the Ipswich Star, Wales On Sunday and rock magazine Vive Le Rock who included their track RNR★ on the free CD with the January/February 2014 edition (issue 16). They also completed a UK national tour supporting Boy George, in three of whose videos Danie has appeared.

Since May 2014, Danie Cox is the last remaining founder member. The band now features drummer Dazzle Monroe (formerly of Extreme Noise Terror) bassist Alice Atkinson and second guitarist Lily Marlene.

Danie was recruited to Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse as guitarist and backing vocalist in January 2011. The band also included Baillie, Molly Spiers-MacLeod (the daughter of Spizz) on bass and backing vocals, drummer Rachael Smith and second guitarist Fiona Bevan. This lineup supported Ant on several tour dates in spring 2011 and recorded tracks for a planned album. Rehearsal footage from 2011 of the group is included in Blueblack Hussar, a documentary about Ant directed by Jack Bond. Unhappy with the general direction of the band and Ant’s style of mentoring, Danie, Molly and Rachael all left the group and formed their own band The Feathers, making their debut guerilla gig appearance at the Occupy London camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral on 23 October 2011.

The band’s track “Life Stranger” reached the quarter finals of the YouBloom online talent contest and was released on the Acid Jazz Records compilation Hipsters 3. Danie and Molly also performed an acoustic set on Garry Bushell’s Rancid Sounds radio show on TotalRock in April 2012. Two years later in April 2014, they performed a second acoustic set for Bushell’s show – by now transferred to online literary community Litopia’s podcast section. At around the time of the first session, Rachael left the group to be replaced by Alex Gold, also of The Boys. Alex in turn would be replaced by Dazzle Monroe in January 2013.

In April 2013, Danie befriended Boy George after they met at the launch party of an exhibition of stage costumes of their mutual hero David Bowie at the Victoria and Albert Museum at which George was a guest speaker. Impressed with the appearance and demeanour of the glammed-up Danie, George invited her to show herself on stage. Subsequently, Danie appeared in three videos for singles by George: “I’m Coming Home” (also featuring a cameo by Dazzle), “King of Everything” and “My God”. The band also supported George on his November 2013 solo UK tour to promote his album This Is What I Do.
In spring 2013, the band undertook a photo session for fashion designer Mark Charles and his Charles of London fashion label. Since then, all band members have regularly worn Mark Charles’ designs as stagewear. March Charles also released the band’s debut single “RNR★” on his Charles Of London Records label. The A-side was later included on the compilation CD Teenage Rampage, cover-mounted on issue 16 of Vive Le Rock magazine. The magazine’s track guide described Cox as a “rising star” and the band as as “injected with glam rock attitude” which “will give you glitter-covered goose bumps and get your feet stomping.”

The Ipswich Star gave a headline preview to the band’s 25 January 2014 gig at the Steamboat Tavern in Dazzle’s native Ipswich, alongside a photo of the band, noting how “The London trio, fresh from suporting (sic) Boy George on his recent UK tour, led by Danie Cox, are getting rave reviews for their brand of punk-pop.” Wales On Sunday extensively interviewed Danie in the 9 February 2014 edition about the band, their associations with Ant, Baillie, George and Charles, and her life in general. Commenting on Danie and her band, the newspaper noted “With her electrifying red hair, extravagant make-up and outrageous dress sense, 23-year-old Danie Cox and her band The Featherz look every inch pop stars.”
Molly Spiers-MacLeod left the band in May 2014 and Alice Atkinson was announced as replacement bass player in early June. She made her debut on 28 June 2014 at the 100 Club alongside new second guitarist Lily Marlene.

RNR★ (Charles Of London Records, COLRecords1, 2013, 7″ vinyl only)
“When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?”
Hipsters 3 (Acid Jazz Records, AJX287, 2012, CD[4])
“Life Stranger”
Teenage Rampage (Vive Le Rock, VIVE016, 2013, CD[3])


Vodaphone, London Fashion Weekend 2013

  • I hade received an email from Canon Professional Services asking if I would like the opotunity to shoot at London Fashion weekend so took the opotunity and went along Vodaphone, we had a breifing at the hotel across the road then into the pit shooting the Collection – Alice by Temperley