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The DarkLight Project

The DarkLight Project is about looking at how you are whan in Dark and Light places in your mind, it’s not about dressing in a light or dark manner but how your appearance changes in those frames of mind, hair may not be brushed, make up may be less or more, or you may not shave, there are all these little things that change when your in those places.
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Olympic Night Lights

Tower Bridge 8London EyeOlympic LaneLaser LightsMillenium Bridge Lights 1Millenium Bridge Lights 2
Millenium Bridge Lights 3Tower Bridge by Night 1Tower Bridge by Night 2Tower Bridge by Night 3Projection 2Projection
Tower Bridge 1Tower Bridge 2Tower Bridge 3Tower Bridge 4Tower Bridge 5Tower Bridge 6
Tower Bridge 7Tower Bridge 9Tower Bridge 10Tower Bridge 11

Olympic Night Lights, a set on Flickr.

I headed out at 1am in hope of catching the sunrise over the Thames as I was hoping the sun would be in alignment with the rings, but no such luck. Im happy with the results though.
IT’s amazing how much work they have put into illuminating the Thames river. My favourite was what they have done with the Millennium bridge where they have foot lights all along the bridge cycling through the olympic colours.