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Canon Iconic Image Competition

Pushed aside - 2nd in Canons iconic image competition UGC
Pushed aside – 2nd in Canons iconic image competition UGC

I came joint 2nd in the Canon Iconic image competition, with the photo, Pushed aside.

Pushed Aside was taken as I went in behind the riot police at the G8 riots in London. I had slipped in-between the riot police as they made their way down to the main headquarters of the protestors, I followed the Police through, exiting out straight out the other side of the protest and getting photos from the other side of the protest.

Canon Iconic Image competition



G8 Protest in Soho

G8 Protest29G8 Protest38G8 Protest64G8 Protest84G8 Protest108G8 Protest155

G8 Protest in Soho, a set on Flickr.

Just after mid day there was a protest chanting “Welcome to Pig City” and “No Borders no prisons no capitalism” they headed down Regent street the police quickly confined them to the pavement then hurded them down a side street towards Carnaby Street. The Protestors made it to their head quarters, where they were held in by the police until the Riot squad turned up, well I saw two van loads arrive. They then proceeded to remove the protestors from the their head quarters in London’s west end.

EDL March in Whitehall

EDL March 28EDL March 73EDL March 100EDL March 150EDL March 173EDL March 208
EDL March 213EDL March 248EDL March 280EDL March 290EDL March 316EDL March 338

EDL March in Whitehall, a set on Flickr.

The EDL ( English Defence League ), decided to capitalise on the death of Lee Rigby by hand of some muslims.

Lee Rigby had been beheaded purely because he was a soldier. The attackers were caught on camera and showed no remorse for their actions.

The English Defence League, decided they would hold a rally in support of Lee Rigby, but it was interesting they have very fascist views but talking to some of them, they were saying were just sick of this extremism, well if thats not hypocritical I don’t know what is.

Several of the English Defence League thought I was an under cover police officer, it took some doing to convince them otherwise but I just quietly slipped away as I could feel tensions rising, this was justified when I took the photo through the windows of the bus. Other photographers had some body armour with them, they stayed. Saying that Im sure it would have been o.k as there were so many police in full riot gear, but just did not trust the situation as reinforcements were coming in from side streets.

But by falling back a bit it, gave me the chance to get some shots that otherwise would have been missed, like the mother guiding her children to safety as things escalated, also catching the police set off towards the frontline on horseback to confront the growing ranks of protestors. I was very surprised to see the muslim family cross the police line, they just strolled on through I would have thought the police would have stopped them, talk about walking into a bear pit. I was surprised to see some of the police joking and laughing as they prepared for the protest, maybe it was just nerves I don’t know. As I headed back up towards Trafalgar square more protesters were coming out of side streets. The odd thing was the orchestral concert going on in Trafalgar Square.