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FotoZine Chapter 1

FotoZine Chapter 1 is now Live well it was a manic 24 hours it together after circumstances beyond my control meant I was on my own regarding the publication so after streamlining the publication, It now just deals with telling story of bands in pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.
Chapter 1 of the FotoZine journal capturing the underground Music Scene in London.












Tour De France Photos on CNN

The Tour De France London Stage came 10 minutes from my home, so went out and took some photos which have been published on CNN’s iReport

Scores of fans lined the streets of Walthamstow, a northeast suburb of London, as Tour De France competitors raced through on Monday. This was the entry point into London, where racers advanced to Epping and then to central London. Freelance photographer Rupert Hitchcox says the experience was

Support Appreciated

Support Appreciated

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Vodaphone, London Fashion Weekend 2013

  • I hade received an email from Canon Professional Services asking if I would like the opotunity to shoot at London Fashion weekend so took the opotunity and went along Vodaphone, we had a breifing at the hotel across the road then into the pit shooting the Collection – Alice by Temperley